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  • I take pride in my work, and enjoy creative projects I can develop and work on from start to finish.
  • I can perform in-house load and design work surpassing all required building codes, or engage your architect and decorator on larger projects.
  • From any stock lumber I can fabricate door frames and side lights for unique openings (round, square, trapezoidal...) with equal margins plumbed, centered, and leveled.
  • If you have round, square, or antique woodwork openings, and desire stain-grade hardwood trim work built to match, I can duplicate anything you have, or design, fabricate, and install new works.
  • I biscuit and glue joints for endurance and stability well beyond my completion. 
  • I can fabricate and install stained glass windows, doors, sidelights, or transoms, in virtually any wall of your home where no openings exist now.
  • I can also provide you with contact information for all of my past clients.  
  • If this level of competency and professionalism is what you are looking for in a home remodeling contractor, please call me as I look forward to working with you.
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